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Soda Science Fair Projects

What soft drinks can teach us about the world of science.

Being bubbly, sweet, caffeinated, and obviously delightfully tasty, it is difficult not to enjoy the soothing taste of an ice cold soda. However, as tasty and refreshing these cans of carbonated sugar water may be, they are unfortunately quite horrible for your teeth and health. Which is why doing a project on soda is an excellent way to relay a valuable message, and learn about your body and how food affects your body over time. More importantly it helps explain the importance of health and how not having the correct diet or drinking too much soda can have a negative impact on you.

Science is an excellent source to see the true chemicals and properties of the sodas in action, as soda is seen by most individuals as just a refreshing drink but soda has the capabilities to greatly affect your health in a negative manner. Specifically by doing the “Tooth Doctor” test, things will start to be clearer as to why soda is horrible for your teeth. Even more unfortunate is how certain sodas are worse than others, and actually speed up the process of tooth decay and dental problems. By using limestone, PH testers, and some various brands of sodas, you can get a pretty accurate representation of what soda does to your teeth. Start by documenting PH levels of the various sodas, than putting some of the soda on lime stones, and then documenting the weight prior and after the soda is on and off. You will be unpleasantly surprised to see what soda can do to you.