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Gum Science Fair Projects

It is chewy and tasty, you can blow bubbles with it, and furthermore, you can study the statistical differences amongst the various brands of this food product; gum is a very diverse snack that has great scientific insight. Gum has a very interesting chemical compound that allows it rubber like texture to intake much flavor. Therefore, behind this chemical composition of texture, gum is a great tool that can be used for your next science project. Check out this gum science fair project.

Which flavor lasts the longest? This is a very fun and easy project that does not necessarily take too much time, and even better it allows you to be the main tester and taster. In this experiment you to chew and test various types of gum, and then place your expert tasting opinion on which gum lasts the longest. By about 5-8 different types of gum, preferably all the same flavor such as spear mint etc. Document your time, gum choice, and end time, take notes as which gum had the most flavor, ran out the quickest, and managed to last the longest. Finally, compare the various types of gum you chose and give a detailed analysis on its texture, flavor, and how long the gum lasted. And most importantly bring some samples for your audience!