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Fish Science Fair Projects

Many of us have wanted a pet fish, for some of us a shark or a stingray would be awesome, as for others perhaps a goldfish is more reasonable. Whatever your desire may be in owning a fish, there is now reason to get one. The next time you beg your parents for a pet fish, and they dare question why just respond because I need it for my next science fair project. Fishes are a great tool and animal to use for your next science project. Having a wide range of uses, goldfish, coy, or even star fishes are all great and useful sea creatures that can be incorporated someway to help aid in your science project. Located below are some of our picks of some various projects:

- The Impact of Goldfish Food Brands on the Growth of Carassius auratus auratus, Latin name for Goldfish

- How does water temperature affect the respiration rate of goldfish

- Do goldfish contain long-term memory capabilities or the ability to remember an event or an occurrence in time?

Using a goldfish is a great way to get a hands-on approach with your science project, but as with all projects that deal with living things, it is important to use caution handling them. Supervision is recommended, and some general basic knowledge about how to feed, clean, and take care of your experimental goldfish can all be found out at your local pet store.