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Battery Science Fair Projects

The battery is a very useful object for several different types of science fair project ideas.

We need them for almost every aspect of our daily electronically collaborated issues of life. They are a storable, re-chargeable, and efficient means to carrying some sort of electronic power with you where ever you go. Batteries are an absolutely essential aspect of modern day society. They provide light, power, and are an emergency stable energy source that can be used whenever, wherever. Wouldn’t you like to know which batteries are more efficient? Which batteries are more cost-effective? Which batteries provide the best overall satisfaction?

To start a battery science fair project, you will only need a few simple household and store bought items. First off, start by buying the same fit of battery, for example AA’s but buy various brands. After purchasing multiple brands, go home and look for a simple flashlight that your batteries will fit into. Start by taking the batteries and putting them into the flashlight, and document how long they last until the flashlight dies. Going through multiple trials of each battery, see which battery lasted the longest, and if so how much longer? Then analyze the costs of each of the batteries in comparison to the amount of time they lasted. Which battery would you choose and why? Document your results, bring the evidence, and start voicing your science based opinion. This provides a great exercise for using rational choice and logical statistical analysis for children of all ages.