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Basketball Science Fair Projects

The popular sport can be used as a guide to learning about science.

Basketball science fair projects are a great way to make science projects more interesting and intriguing to young students by incorporating a sport like basketball. Using the various dimensions of the court, aspects of play, or even the human body as a form of understanding science, basketball is a fun and easy way to ensure that you and your child learn something new.

One simple idea for a science project is to do the ol’ famous “net or no net” experiment. This experiment is quite simplistic conceptually. When taking a free throw shot, using random sample grouping, shoot five shots with the basketball rim net on, and then afterwards without the net on. Using those percentages, you can see the deviations present with and without the net. Some individuals swear by the idea that they shoot well without a net, while others say it is just luck. Another very interesting basketball science fair project is known as the Physics of shooting a ball. This specific project is used to demonstrate math in relation to angles. The idea is to compute a perfect curve for a shot depending on an individual’s height. This is done so that any individual no matter what way they are shooting the ball can make it in the basket if they shoot it at the correct curve and angles. Basically, by measuring the height of the individual shooting, and the distance from the basket, you can calculate the correct angles so the ball will go in almost every time.