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Heat and Evaporation
Grade Level: 2 thru 7
Category: Earth Science
Awards Won:
Hypothesis: The light bulb with the highest wattage will cause water to evaporate the fastest.
Primary Materials Used: Light Bulbs, Light Sockets, Cardboard Boxes, Duct Tape, Camera
Details: Click Here to see the complete free science fair project "Heat and Evaporation" The student built several boxes of the same size and construction, but each with a different wattage light bulb installed. She measured out the same amount of water in containers that were placed in these boxes and exposed them to the light sources for a period of time. She also had a control box with no light source.

After the set time had elapsed, she measured the amount of water left and recorded her data. Her hypothesis was proven correct as expected. This is a very simple project that just about any student can do with the help of a parent. It's a good demonstration of how kinetic energy, which increases with heat, will cause molecules to move faster, allowing them to break free of the bonds that hold them together. The project is in a complete form with pictures.
Click Here to see the complete free science fair project "Heat and Evaporation".